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04 February 2006
e-cfr.org: current site of the "European" Council for Fatwa and Research

The Chairman of the ECFR is Sheikh al-Qaradawi, who resides, not in Europe, but in Qatar. Such are the plans the Islamists have for Europe. Yesterday the dear old Sheikh said:

'We must tell Europeans, we can live without you. But you cannot live without us,' prominent Muslim cleric Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi told worshippers in Qatar. 'We can buy from China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia... we will not be humiliated.'

They can live without us? Then why, pray tell, is the "European" Council for Fatwa and Research based at the Islamic Cultural Center in Dublin, Ireland, instead of where it ought to be, namely Qatar?

Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland
Nominal home of the "European" Council for Fatwa and Research
19 Roebuck Rd., Clonskeagh, Dublin 14

And while we are asking questions: why is the ECFR's website, e-cfr.org, hosted at a datacenter in the United States, instead of in Saudi Arabia where the hosting company is located?

Name: e-cfr.org
Datacenter: nac.net, Parsippany, NJ USA
Host: info-win.com, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Their current domain (e-cfr.org) is registered to the name and address of their Saudi host, which is an improvement over their first domain. Originally their site was called ecfr.org, and it was registered to this address:

65 Thomas Street, Dublin

No Councils for Fatwa or Research there, though it looks like a fine place for an infidel to enjoy a tasty alcoholic beverage.

For background info see:

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Posted on 04 February 2006 @ 11:07

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