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28 January 2006
The Danish Threat

This latest threat from the "Glory Brigades in Northern Europe" targets Denmark:

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We're not the first to post about this threat, but there is a history behind it about which we may know a thing or two worth sharing at this time.

The artiste behind the lurid graphics which are meant to convey the threat to the Danes first adopted this style of communication in April of 2005:

29 April 2005 - THE SWEDISH THREAT

You can download archives of the those threats by clicking here...

Note the crossed-AK logo in the center of that image (above):

If it looks familiar, that's because it is a variation on the logo of something once called the "Islamic Media Center"

The "Islamic Media Center" was the work of an individual who went by the names Abu Khadija and Zubbeiddah1417 (with the associated zubeiddah1417@hotmail.com email address).

Now, let's pick up the pace.

As recently as September of 2005, Abu Khadija/Zubbeiddah1417 was residing in Sweden.

These threats against Denmark first surfaced in October of 2005:

By then the artiste had stopped using the IMC-style logo.

Shortly after the appearance of the threat to attack Denmark, in October 2005, a series of arrests occured throughout Europe. We suspect that there may be a link of some sort between the individuals rounded up in Bosnia, the UK and Denmark in late October, and the person or persons currently issuing threats as "The Glory Brigades of Northern Europe". Regarding this matter, see also:

Police in Sarajevo confiscated a suicide bomber belt
Swedish terror suspect "visited al-Zarqawi"
British in Bosnia to probe 7 July terror link

Finally, in December of 2005 Abu Khadija/Zubbeiddah1417 announced the folowing:

Posted on 28 January 2006 @ 12:23

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